Midsouth Entomologist

An online publication of the

Mississippi Entomological Association

and the

Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology

Mississippi State University 

Welcome to the homepage of the Midsouth Entomologist. With this journal, we serve all who are interested in entomology in the Midsouth (Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana), including researchers, educators, industry representatives, regulators, students and hobbyists.

We provide a focused outlet for publications of regional interest, free to all readers, and at a very low (or no) cost for authors.

To improve communication between all segments of entomology is the primary goal of the Midsouth Entomologist. We actively seek and encourage submissions from anyone interested in entomology. The Midsouth Entomologist is divided into three sections for different kinds of material:

Research Articles are peer reviewed and report primary research suitable for publication in any of the larger national and international journals. Each article is accompanied by a non-technical summary aimed at a lay audience.

Reports include material that is not normally peer-reviewed, but that is more technical than that intended for a general audience. Reports include efficacy trials, crop damage reports, and reports of k–12 science fair projects.

Special Features are anything. Really. These are intended for a general audience, and may include editorials, photographs, artwork, short fiction, interviews, the list goes on. As long as it relates to insects, it qualifies.

More information may be found in the Instructions for Authors.


For more information, or to submit an article, contact:

Matthew Thorn, Editor | midsouthenteditor@gmail.com |