Ethics in Publishing Statement [pdf] 

All material submitted to Midsouth Entomologist for publication must conform to the highest scientific and ethical standards. Scientific material (Research Papers and Reports) must be original research or original overviews of a topic area. Special Features must be wholly original in content.

Midsouth Entomologist will not accept any material that:

Written permission to use quotations

Any material, published or unpublished, not produced by the authors for the present work (or not in the public domain), including quotations, figures, tables, artwork, etc must be accompanied by written permission from the appropriate source (such as the copyright holder). This includes material produced by any of the authors for another publication or purpose. The source of any such material must be clearly cited in the manuscript. Submit permission letters with the initial material. Any manuscript that violates this requirement will be rejected and the authors subject to the appropriate penalties.

Papers resulting from previously published data

When a manuscript is generated from previously published data, the manuscript must add new information (e.g. data collected from the same study following initial publication, such as a follow-up report) or differ substantially in the interpretation of the data (e.g. improved statistical analysis that alters previous conclusions). When previously published data is reported, the source must be cited.

Unbiased language

Authors should use no language that might imply gender, ethnic, or any other kind of discrimination or bias. Manuscripts in any stage of production that violate these guidelines will be rejected.

Penalties for Violation

Ethics violations will result in penalties, including immediate rejection/retraction of the article (the article will be deleted from the website if already published), a two-year ban extending to the author and ALL co-authors from publication in Midsouth Entomologist, and the institution(s) sponsoring the author(s) will be notified of the violation.