Table of Contents

Volume 9 No. 1 (March 2016)

Research Article

Antibody titers to bed bug salivary proteins in chickens from an infested broiler breeder house (pp. 1-4)
J. Goddard, J. S. Portugal, and K. Maschek


2015 Soybean insect losses in the southern US (pp 5-17)
Musser, F. R., A. L. Catchot, Jr., J. A. Davis, D. A. Herbert, Jr., G. M. Lorenz, T. Reed, D. D. Reisig, and S. D. Stewart

Special Features

Program and abstracts of the 62nd annual conference of the Mississippi Entomological Association, October 19-20, 2015

Program and Abstracts (pp. 18-32)

Current topics in medical, urban, and veterinary entomology (MUVE): results of a roundtable discussion (pp. 33-36)
Edwards, K. T

One Health: students’ perspective (p. 37)
Edwards, K. T. [PDF]

Chikungunya: an imminent threat to the United States (pp. 38-42)
Lyle, Breanna

Cryptosporidium parvum: is it invincible? (pp. 43-48)
Wonnacott, Caitlin

Dengue Fever: should we be concerned as Americans? (pp. 49-51)
Washington, Shikanah D.

Effect of coccidioidomycosis in livestock (pp. 52-56)
Wood, Robert 

Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) - deadly waters (pp. 57-59)
Hommel, Morgan

Ross River virus runs rampant on the Gold Coast of Australia (pp. 60-62)
Gerhart, Brandon

What is leishmaniasis? (pp. 63-66)
Wilson, Kimberly